We’ve got the lighting, the lighting rig, laser and smoke packages to give your parties and shows maximum visual impact.

We carry great lasers made by Panoramic, very effective in packs of three or in single arrays. Create your own lighting and effects package for great savings!

Budget Party Package

Home party lighting on a budget.
Ask for the Manager’s Party Light
Special to be assured of lighting

This package comes boxed and is easily
transported by car.

£25.00 per day / £50.00 per week


Standard Party Package

Spectacular Dazzling party line-up for your house party or small venue

This package comes boxed and is easily transported by car.
Lighting stands are available at £5 extra.

£35 per day / £70.00 per week


Pro Party Package

System Power 500w8 Par 56’s on two
bars. Complete with: Pulsar Rock desk
controller with long cables and gels.
Great for pub gigs/small performance
& stage lighting.

You will need a transit van and two
lifters for this pack.

£65.00 per day / £130.00 per week


Trio Laser Package

A three-laser package containing 1 x Mega Dot and 2 x Star Blaster lasers.

Lasers are available to rent separately at only £12.00 each

£30.00 per day / £60.00 per week

Smoke Machine (small)

Rent a smoke machine with a Party or Laser Package and get it for just £15 per day!

With one tank of smoke fluid included.

£20.00 per day / £40.00 per week